Sunday, 27 April 2008

Weekend Ramblings

UK Scrappers had their Cyber Crop this weekend, I had full intention of spending the weekend scrapping but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way because I had a house full of people today for Aidan's birthday. I managed two classes, one of which I did not finish in time to claim points. This is one of my favourite pictures of Liam. My child is getting so big so quickly and what a stunner he is. I hope he doesn't break too many hearts one day.
I think Aidan had a fab birthday, the poor little might had to wake me up, he then went back to bed so we could bring him his presents in bed. (What a bad mom I am ) Aidan got a Nintendo DS and some cash from his Aunty Jean. We had a 'braai' o.n.o a barbeque for lunch with some boerewors and Pap that we got from a South African shop here in MK.

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