Sunday, 12 October 2008

Just a quick LO

I did this layout quickly, in between me sorting out supper, and bathing Emma. While I was putting it together I was thinking to myself that I must not 'faff'. I tend to 'faff' allot with my pages with then results in a time consuming LO. Presently, at my pace of scrapping, I am never going to make a dent in my stash, and that is scary.
So my action plan to make space for more stash is the following:
1. Do quick simple LO's
2. Have photo's on hand, because this is one thing I am never organised with. When ever I go to a crop I land up rushing around just before leaving trying to print photo's, which then lands up being a disaster and normally don't accomplish much and I then resort to faffing.
3. Plan LO's, by keeping a journal of inspiration.
4. Make presents for family and friends.
5. Offer RAK on my blog to my readers, (now I am not sure how others do this, and for what occasions, then again do we need an occasion ?) I know that one of my scrappy buddies offer RAK for challenges. I have seen another crafty blogger do it at a certain number of visitors. So if you would be so kind comment here so I can see your thoughts on RAK and when one should offer it.
6. Do mini albums.


Valerie said...

Boys be boys, if they werent that way up I would be worried. Nice to see pictures of the boys Bee, they getting big.

Catherine said...

Fantastic layout! I think RAK is a great idea.

Jo Power said...

I love your page. I have a girl and boy and find it so hard to do boy pages might have to come back and scraplift this one its fab.(hope you don't mind me lifting it)

Kim Watson said...

Cute L.O! Love the arrow thingie.

RAK's are great...most people ask a question of sorts & then choose their fav. response. Or suggest a challenge of are always good...& quick. People are more inclined to submit a card that a whole L.O if it isn't a dedicated challenge site.

Now Missy...if you have so much are not allowed to laugh at the piddly little RAK I am sending you. Hey! you get a hand made card...that's something hey? hey???
Anyhow...thanks for the postal probably get it next week of so.

voodoo vixen said...

Yay bee! I saw on Kim's blog your lovely Aiden LO won a RAK!!!

Love the new one too - I faff a lot too... in fact I am thinking of owning as my scrapping style...

Alix said...

oh dear...i so know where you are coming from in the faff stakes!!! i like to think that faffing is all part of the creative process...but actually i think it really hinders it...i'm with you now on the *quick sticks* approach to LO's! wonder how long that will last!! lol

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

Nice to hear from a fellow faffer!! I faff with bits and pieces for hours....have been setting challenges of doing LOs in 20 mins as I have tonnes of stash to use up!!