Sunday, 4 January 2009

I am getting somewhere .....

I am just so not with it at the moment. At the start of December I thought it was a going to be easy to keep up with everything I intended to do. Like my Christmas Journal, well that was short lived, because I went back to work, Sean started working in the evenings temporary and I just had to face reality that there was no time. But I did record my feelings so I could complete my Christmas journal later.

Today is the first day in 3 weeks that I have sat down in the study and being a little creative.... I managed a couple of entries for JYC and printed a load of Photo's . I am now going to do a layout :)
I would like to also wish all my friends, and all those wonderful fellow bloggers that stop by to read my blog and leave comments , a Very Happy New Year !!!! May 2009 be filled with happiness, love and loads of creativity ...
Here are a couple of the pages I did today for JYC...

Love and Hugs



A Hybrid Mess said...

Hi Bee,

the jyc stuff is looking really good.
Here hoping 2009 will bring you more creative time


Tertia said...

Good to see you back. Was wondering if you had gone AWOL. We are missing you at TMW.

Tertia said...

Hi Bee, thanks for visiting. Those post-it covers are so easy its actually a joke. Just mesure the front and side. My littje ones were 3 by 3 inches. I cut 2 pieces of cardboard (used the back of a writing pad) to 3 and a quarter by 3 and a quarter and one 3 and a quarter by a half inch. Then I just lined them up on cardstock and left a few millimeters between them and stuck them down. I found it easier to first stick them on a full sheet of cardstock and then cut with a craft knife, then just fold them. Then you just decorate and thats it!
I put some ribbon across the whole thing to tie them together, because they tend to not close snugly.
This looks a bit long winded, if you don't understand, just e-mail me at tertiaj at telkomsa dot net and I will scan some drawings for you.