Sunday, 27 March 2011

wanna be .... scrapbooker

The last couple of months, I have felt like a 'wanna be' scrapbooker, because I have been blog hopping, looking, admiring, and have pretty much done nothing.

The only time I have been scrapping is at our monthly crop, and sometimes that didn't even help, because all I did was talk and eat Gill’s scrumptious cake!

I do need to find the balance between work, which takes up most of my time because I allow it; the house work, which has been neglected; and crafting , which is my only outlet because I am able to switch off from the work bit.....

I really want to do Project Life, inspired and created by Becky Higgins. It’s a wonderful way to document your day to day life, without spending too much time on the project. I will have to improvise with my own stash though because the kit, which is awesome, costs a small fortune in postage to the UK. Maybe I will still get it because it makes sense to use it because of time it saves; no measuring, cutting, everything is already done for you.

So here is the only stuff I have done since Oct 10 till now! All products from Studio Calico's various kits . See how bad I have been, only 5 layouts in how many months ? :( 


Tertia said...

At least you have done something. Last time I scrapped was after the World Cup Soccer and thats not even finished yet!

voodoo vixen said...

Agh shame Bee, you really need to set aside some 'Bee' time and relax and have a play... all work and no play makes Bee stresses out, which is not good!! Your kids are growing so fast... I look at their photos and remember what they looked like before you left SA... gosh but time flies!!