Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fathers Day !!

I hope all the daddy's out there had a fabulous day !!!

I managed one LO today for the UKS weekly challenge. What I love about these challenges is it makes you think out the box. I would never have scrapped this photo of me if it wasn't for this challenge, it is possibly the only one I have of me as a teenager and would have sat in an old fashioned album for the rest of its days. Have you often thought as you get older that no matter how many birthdays have pasted that you still the same person ,with the same thoughts, dreams and aspirations as you were years ago. Well I know I am, maybe the only difference is is that I am wiser because of life experiences. Other than that I cannot think that I feel any different today to the way I felt 20 years ago. Maybe one day I will get to a stage where I can say I feel old. At them moment I can't.


Luisa Ribeiro said...

Hi Bee, wonderful blog, I will be visiting often. Love your printers tray, looks like lots of work was put into it, well worth the effort! Isn't it great to use old photos that would of been otherwise kept "somewhere"! Lovely L.O.

Linda Elbourne said...

Wonderful LO!

Beautifullily said...

I loved that UKS challenge too, and did my first LO of me as a baby. Your LO is great, like the details

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

Hi Bee
Welcome to blog-a-thon! Love this LO - loo forward tomore visits!
donna x