Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Time and Travel ......

Today for Shimelle's 'My Freedom' class, the blog prompt is about what would we do and where would we go if we could travel in time for just one day.
This got me thinking because I would like to do so much. Firstly I would like to travel forward in time, I am not to sure how far forward, just far enough I suppose until space travel is available to us common people. This is want I want to see and where I want to see it :

Then I would like to travel back in time so that I could spend just one more day with my mother, there is so much I want to tell her still and find out about, mind you a day would not be enough. I miss you Mom !!!
I really love these two topics that Shimelle has given us to ponder about, I have done loads of thinking, now all I have to do is make a note of what I thought about.
Today while traveling into work, I had the time to just sit and think about my earliest clear memory, this has brought back many memories that were stored and filed away. I must be honest, I have always envied my sister because she has always had such vivid clear memories of our childhood, now I know how she retrieves this information; the same way as what I did today by just sitting and thinking about it all.
I can already see that this class is going to be amazing! All I have to do now is remain focused and make the time.


dddeeebbbzzz said...

I'm with you on the forward in time travel!

Anita said...

Wow thats a fab piccie of where you would like to travel forward to .
Thats lovely to hear that you found the time to just think and to relive some childhood memories , I did the same too !

Tracy'sspace said...

That is an amazing picture, hope you enjoy the class. I love Shimelles class, but not doing this one :-( Love your other lo's on here too.