Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Looking back ..

How often do you look at your layouts and think.. Oooh I have come a long way, or did I really do that? Or,I want to redo this using the latest products ect..
I must be honest there are some layouts I really like because of the message or memory that I have captured, and there some that I don't like at all. But that really doesn't matter because one day, my children and theirs will appreciate what we leave behind. (I hope...)
Here are two of my earlier Digi Layouts that are my favourite.

Credits here go to :
Dipsy Doodle Stamp Set - Rene Bross
Grudgy Colors - Yvette Keohuloa
Arrows Stamp Set 1 - Suzzane Walker

Credits here go to :
Credits: Paper - Gina Cabrera Basic Stamped Alpha - Meryl Bartho
Arrows Stamp Set 1 - Suzanne Walker
Brads - Daniela Peuss
Fonts - Digs my Heart


KJ-Starre said...

Hi Brenda....thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I am sorry I am so slack & are only getting back to you now.
From the looks of things you guys are settled nicely & enjoying life in the UK. We too are joining the 1000's leaving SA, we are moving to Vancouver...great hey!!

I often look back at my L.O's & laugh.....but they are special to me too because they are part of my creative process. I don't think I would be where I now if I hadn't experienced & experimented the way I did back then.

Keep well.
I'll pop back again soon.

Lesli said...

They are wonderful LO's - my digital LO's still leave quite a bit to be desired - but I'll keep working on them!