Thursday, 11 September 2008

Uplifting a community .....

My sister who is staying in the Eastern Cape in South Africa has been working with ' The Poverty Alleviation Fund' to uplift her local community in the rural areas. She has been teaching these ladies how to knit, bead, and make various crafty items from general everyday stuff.

By doing so she is hoping that they will be able to use their crafty skills to make items that they would be able to sell and generate some income. Her dream is to eventually teach these ladies how to set up their own little business, teach them business skills so that they could get something going.

Look at some of the items they have created, I think they fab.

These boxes were made, out of a rusk box.

Gift bottles made from a 2 L coldrink bottle. These could be used as table decorations, or even little pot plant holders.

Hand made gift boxes and little frames.

Look what they did here with the Tin.

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Lynette said...

Wow...where is your sister involved..we do community upliftment in Port Elizabeth.