Sunday, 14 September 2008

Now I can print my own photos again!!!

I finally went and bought myself a new printer !!!! My existing one is in perfectly working order and practically brand new , but I cannot get the ink cartridges here in the UK, thanks to the manufacturer, they decided to do different number ink cartridges per region. I spent hours on the phone the other day with the help desk to re-regionalise my printer but it didn't work. I was actually cross and disappointed and for the last 4 months have been pondering the idea of a new printer. My friend Val even offered to send me ink from South Africa, but it is just not worth the cost in postage.
It is amazing how lost you feel as a scrapbooker when you cannot print you own size photo's and being stuck to 10 X 15 cm.

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KJ-Starre said...

I would be SO lost without my printer, it's like my Linus I can feel your frustration.

Great that the problem is resolved...does that mean we can see some more of your lovely L.O's now?