Monday, 1 December 2008

Day 1 - JYC

JYC has officially started. Yay, this is so cool ! and what makes it even better is the fact that I am at home on a weeks leave ! Leave means scrapping time, which intern means that for the first 7 days of this class I should keep up, if I don't there is no excuse !

I am yet to do my manifesto, but will do so VERY soon. This morning I finished off my journal. I have decided not to bind it just yet because I am worried that I am not going to have enough space. I want the flexibility of adding more pages because I have settled on 6"x9" book.

Initially I was going to use book rings for binding but have decided to use my BIA instead, I thought well hey Bee, you bought the BIA for this purpose. Plus I didn't want to have to stash shop just for books rings. You know how it goes, I always land up spending way to much on stuff I REALLY don't need.
My Journal cover
Some of the inner pages..


voodoo vixen said...

Looks beautiful and Christmassy Bee!! So glad you get some time off to get it all started, will make all the difference!!

Deborah said...

This looks fab already! It's going to look so great at the end of the class.

Vee said...

Love the look of your book, will check back to see more of it complete.

Kim Watson said...

I like the papers you have selected, they look really fun & Christmas-y. I look forward to seeing the end result.