Sunday, 25 January 2009

My little sunshine...

Finished off this LO tonight, inspired by Pencil Line sketch no 113.... okay , so you must be asking, what is it with this woman, scrapping spring colours, not intentional I promise ! But hey, spring must come soon !! This will be our second winter in the UK, and this year I have felt it. Last year it was all new, no time to think, just get settled. Forget about the sunshine and blue sky's in South Africa and embrace the UK weather. Which I did with open arms, now, well, it is starting to get boring. Grey, rain, a little bit of blue and then grey again. But then you have to love the UK, it wouldn't be the same without the weather.


Today I am actually a wee bit sad. I am really missing my family and my friend Valerie. I was so excited when she came online just now and told me some fabulous news. I also spent nearly an hour and a half tonight talking to my sister in South Africa, my nephew starts university and is getting ready this weekend and is soooo excited. I must be honest I felt a little old, I can still remember the day he was born, 18 years ago, now he is a big, handsome young man, and a beautiful child. Anyway enough rambling... Need to get to bed and ready for work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Bee, Emma is always little miss sunshine. She has that personality to make you smile. Love the colours, they say scrapping is great colour therapy.

Sorry last night, msn faded and I couldnt get back on. Must have been a technical hitch. Yeah I wanted to chat a bit more.

Sending you lots of love. And some fairy dust to put sparkles on those grey skies, to add a bit of silver lining.


Kim said...

Hi Bee! I am sorry you guys in the UK are having such hideous weather!!!
My mom has sent me looks cold, wet & unpredictable Yuk!! I think your page is sweet & bright & will bring a smile even to the grayest of days! I hope the homesick feeling passes soon...what would we do without google chat, email, blogland & skype hey???
Hope you feel better soon.

RachaelB said...

Brenda I've added your blog address to the MKScrappers site. Hope you don't mind?!

We are all struggling with the weather at the moment. I was born and raised in the UK but I have always maintained that I was born in the wrong country!!!

I don't like the cold at all.....and now we have snow!

my5bratz said...

i LOVE the colours in this LO

hope your hopesickness improves soon :)