Monday, 9 March 2009

Warm Hat - Photo Shoot

I don't have anything creative to share with you this week, but thought I would share some photo's I took of Emma in her WARM hat that my friend Val send her all the way from the WARM shores of South Africa.

This WARM hat was posted on FACEBOOK too, with Valerie trying to wear it LOL !!! Anyway Val being a scrap booker too and a fab photographer insisted I try a photo shoot. She is always on about me taking MORE photos. So Val this post is for you my friend. Hugs xxxx Oh and do you see I did the hot chocolate bit too !!!

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Anonymous said...

Bee, my mother says she is so pretty and takes such lovely photo's you should do it more often. See its not only me.

Yes my friend, I miss you lots too. Miss all the fun scrapping days we had. I think thats why we sort of lost our mojo, its not the same by web cam.

hugs hugs hugs