Sunday, 5 July 2009

Yay, got some me time in today ....

This week has just been manic... work has been hectic with 2 colleges on holiday; and then on Wednesday night, who knows what I was thinking but I managed to get off the train without my laptop.... Only realised once I was home. It all ended well with me 'trekking' all the way to Birmingham to fetch it. Some wonderful soul handed it in!

Yesterday, me and my house cleaning chores took the whole day.... I made Sean take the kids out so I could get everything done quickly... hopefully the exercise from cleaning the house will stand me in good stead this week when I face the scales.

Today was crop day... , I love crop day, me, friends and my stash, WHAT a wonderful combination. Oh and you can't forget the CAKE, that is why I said, 'I HOPE the exercise from cleaning.......................................'
I tried some 8.5 x 11 LO's, I actually enjoyed working with this size today, decided I am going to stop faffing and get my photo's done. I have so much stuff, that I shouldn't worry about the perfect LO anymore, just record the story !!

This LO has Luke and Emma sharing special moments.


Tertia said...

Wow! You sure got a lot done Bee, and they are all lovely too.
Gives you faith in humanity when people actually hand in the laptop. You were very lucky, maybe the angels were watching over you!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Love all your lo's Bee. You managed to get 3 done in one cropping session? Wow - you're good! I like your clean non nonsense style but still with enough interest and colour.

If you're interested in bloggers e-mail and sms functions - click on the little icons next to your blog name on your blogger dashboard. it will take you through a quick step by step to set it up. Works great!

Lynsey said...

Stunning LO's Bee. And soooooo pleased about your miracle.

Valerie said...

Bee, you did so good. Nice to chat and scrap. Cant wait to see it all done.