Friday, 29 October 2010

True Stories

I am busy doing an Shimelle's online class called True Stories. I have been trying to keep up this week with the prompts and the goings on in the forum, given that I have been at home on leave. Next week when I am back at work, I will just do my journal/writing on the train into work and back, given I have 2 hours each way of commuting.
Today I managed to scrap a page, using yesterdays ideas from our prompt.
Here I tried to capture my feelings about these photo's and wrote a letter to my son.

The journalling reads :

To My Darling Son

Why is it that you don’t want to give me that gorgeous smile, when I try and take photo’s of you? You always give me this serious, I am so irritated look!

Yeah, I know you think I am crazy at times, but all I am is a mommy that wants a nice picture of the two of us together!

I know you thinking, this is only for you to scrapbook, why not? It’s not to make you feel silly, or so that I can show your girl friends one day. It’s just for me, for you, so that one day you will have something to remember me by.

Anyway, I think I achieved half a smile here, well I think that’s better than nothing right?
Love you lots



Sarah C said...

This is a brilliant LO. How often do teenagers not smile when you want them to? x

voodoo vixen said...

Bee, he is all grown up! Good grief, he was just a kid a wee while ago. You just hang in there... and then he will smile for you again, its the teen/male thing but they do grow out of it!

Nadja said...

I remember how much I loved my daughter's smile. Now when I ask her to smile it just ends up looking either very uncomfortable or a smirk. What happened?