Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Snapshot in time..

When I look at these photo's taken at my friends house 4 years ago, just a day or so before we left South Africa for the United Kingdom, I smile. This is a snapshot of a period in our lives, that I often reflect on, and think how we managed to sell up everything and move countries in less than 2 months from the time I got the job offer.

These photos where taken at my friend Valerie's where we were staying as we no longer had a home, it was all packed up, in a box , a container no bigger that 20 feet long destined for far away shores. We had no idea what awaited us, we were leaving family, friends, our animals and everything we were used to behind. People wished us well but were very sceptical and told us it would be difficult to integrate and live in the UK coming from a beautiful sunny climate, big houses and open spaces. I think towards the end I was operating on just pure adrenaline , I didn't think , I didn't want to think, all I  knew was that this was an opportunity that didn't come around often and we had to make the best of it because there was no going back.

These photo's remind me of just how small the kids were, and that makes me smile too, they were so brave, they even spent a night at Johannesburg Intl airport when our plane had mechanical problems, we couldn't go home at 1 am in the morning, we hand no home, so we slept at the airport.

4 years on, here we are, the UK our home now, and photo's just memories of a time, a place in our lives.

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